Safety Initiatives


"4 zeroes" strategy to prevent major disasters

We have set four accident prevention targets: Zero collision, Zero injuries, Zero oil pollution and Zero cargo damage as our permanent safety objectives.
In addition to setting the prevention targets, we engage in the effort to prevent recurrence of past accidents by frequently sharing accident cases and examples to remind all the crews to stay cautious on any factors onboard that can lead to an accident.

大災害の防止1 大災害の防止2 大災害の防止2

BRM training


Every two years, we conduct Bridge Resource Management (BRM) sessions for our on- board crews to reconfirm their ability to operate keeping safe distance from other ships, quickly respond to emergencies and comply with relevant laws and regulations.
We also conduct evaluations by an external organization to ensure the highest priority on safety.

Safety training

During dry docking or temporary berthing, workshops are held by our management team, operations department, engineering & maintenance department and the safety audit office to share various issues from their respective perspectives, case studies and effective measures to achieve on-time performance. Opinions are exchanged in the workshops to improve operational response and conduct safety management based on matching actual on-board situation.
We continue to focus on ensuring safe operations as a shipowner, a seafarer dispatch company and a vessel operator.


*Discussions with the president on safety issues


*Accident case study presentation


*Safety training joined by other operators.

Internal Award System

We have our own award system to promote safe operation.
In addition to “Excellent Safety Operation Award" for vessels operating with no accidents and no violations in a year, "Superior Vessel Award” is given to vessels that have made outstanding efforts to ensure safe operations and stable transport and “Superior Vessel Award” is also presented to the management company of the winner vessel.


*Commendations to shipowners and crew management companies


*Our president presents the awarding plaque to the winner ship


*Awarding ceremony at the dock

Safety and Health Visualization

Self-checks are conducted on all vessels in operation and they are visited to check whether they comply with the safety and health measures.
The hygiene section, in particular, which was added to the check list in 2019 to prevent seasonal diseases, has been significantly effective as a preventive measure for COVID-19 infections.

チェックシート 安全グラフ

“Pointing and Calling” and Imoto safety slogans

■Pointing and Calling


We share the idea with all the crews that “Pointing and Calling” method can reduce errors by around 15% if properly exercised and we have made it a mandatory on-board practice. Unsafe behaviors can be prevented through this unique conscious checking practice which was originally invented in Kobe, our hometown.


■Imoto safety slogans chanting

Every meeting and training session is finished with chanting our safety slogans along with Pointing and Calling. This practice represents Imoto Lines group's pledge to unite in our commitment to zero accidents and zero disasters.










海・陸 心をひとつに

■Evaluation and analysis of "Pointing and Calling" check points