Environmental Policy


Corporate philosophy on the environment

Imoto Lines recognizes that the conservation of the global environment is a crucially important task. We will fulfill our social responsibility to leave a beautiful planet for future generations.


We will contribute to the improvement of the logistics environment through marine transportation and continuously implement environmental protection activities both on-shore and off-shore.

Environmental protection measures

1) Compliance with laws and regulations
We shall comply with all environmental laws and regulations as well as other requirements to which we agree.
2) Establishment of an environmental management system
We shall establish an environmental management system that addresses the global warming and environmental pollution and strive for continuous improvement.
3) Setting targets
In order to achieve our environmental contribution, we will set concrete environmental objectives and targets and review them periodically to improve our environmental management.
4) Energy conservation and waste reduction
We will strive to use resources and energy as efficiently as technically and economically possible, and to reduce waste by increasing the reuse and recycling of waste generated by our business activities.
5) Raising Awareness
Promote environmental education and awareness activities to ensure that employees and partner companies understand and promote the environmental policy.
6) Safety management
Recognizing that ship accidents cause significant adverse effects on the environment, we shall promote safety management activities in accordance with our safety policy.